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Gaza Tip Sheets: Psychological First Aid for Children Surviving Trauma

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This set of psychological tip sheets focuses on acute needs of Palestinian children due to the present day atrocities, serving as a form of psychological first aid, in both Arabic and English. These tips hope to offer families and adults around children currently impacted by trauma improved coping skills, ideally enabling a greater sense of control over the wellbeing of these children; the adult caregivers of children in ongoing traumatic situations and stressors themselves suffer negative impacts on their mental health due to an inability to maintain safety for the children whom they are tasked with protecting. 

These tips are brief and limited to ensure they are digestible and applicable in a circumstance where the luxury to develop in-depth skills is likely unavailable due to ongoing trauma. The best way to address trauma is to prevent trauma. In this case, prevention means advocating for a ceasefire, an end to occupation, and active advocacy for anti-racism and equal human rights. 

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Working with refugees from Syria and surrounding Middle East countries

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Practical tips from cultural and psychological perspectives.

Including a special addendum on mental health for health and mental health professionals

Clinic Psychology’s Public Mental Health Initiative is proud to present a set of tip sheets based on cultural and psychological best practices, for individuals working with refugees from Syria and surrounding countries in the Middle East. The tips were developed as a collaborative initiative by cross cultural and international psychologists and a few public health workers around the world, and were developed to translate available knowledge to concrete and useful communication and action strategies. The tip sheets include accessible, applicable, succinct, and culturally relevant advice that are meant to be distributed as shared. The goal is to promote positive cross cultural experiences and assist in the transition of, and work with refugees from this region.

These tips draw on culturally appropriate psychological knowledge and available best practices for these areas:

  1. General Information
  2. Culture
  3. Family and Children
  4. Education
  5. Gender
  6. Building Relationships and Trust
  7. Migration and Resettlement
  8. Mental Health (focused on health and mental health professionals)
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