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Dr. Tiffany Lippens

Dr. Tiffany Lippens
Registered Clinical Psychologist

Dr. Tiffany Lippens is a registered clinical psychologist with training and experience in providing services to adults (including older adults), adolescents, and children. She provides specialized treatment for depression, anxiety, stress, and difficulty coping with grief and trauma. She is particularly interested in helping people navigate life transitions and in overcoming problems with emotional and behavioural regulation (e.g., anger, impulsivity). Dr. Lippens takes an integrative approach to psychotherapy, with the goal of tailoring therapy to each client’s particular needs and preferences. She uses a variety of approaches including cognitive-behavioural, interpersonal, client-centred, and mindfulness-based therapies, among others.

Dr. Lippens earned her Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from the University of Manitoba.  She formerly held a joint position with the University of Manitoba and Southern Health-Santé Sud as an assistant professor/consulting clinical psychologist to the regional health authority’s Community Mental Health Program. She remains interested in consulting with organizations and other mental health professionals to assist with training, program planning, and evaluation.

Dr. Lippens is also dedicated to advocating for greater public mental health education and increased access to quality mental health services. Through her work with the Public Mental Health Initiative, she seeks to be part of the growing conversation about mental health in our society and throughout the world. Having grown up in rural Manitoba, she is especially interested in working to increase access to mental health education and services for this chronically underserved population.

Contact Info
Tel: (204) 615-1582