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‘Worry Bear’ Tent at the 31st Annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic

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We are greatly looking forward to hosting our very own “Worry Bear” Tent, at the 31st Annual Teddy Bears’ Picnic on the 28th of May, 2017.

This is part of our Public Mental Health Initiative, where we want to raise awareness about common mental health disorders, and give families simple tools they can use with their children as coping strategies. The tent will also provide individual consultation to families, to help guide them on the right path. Understanding anxiety is difficult, and identifying it in children is even more difficult. We are hoping to bring some more attention to this subject and hopefully answer some of these questions.

We hope to see you all there!

See the links below for the media coverage on our tent!

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Working with refugees from Syria and surrounding Middle East countries

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Practical tips from cultural and psychological perspectives.

Including a special addendum on mental health for health and mental health professionals

Clinic Psychology’s Public Mental Health Initiative is proud to present a set of tip sheets based on cultural and psychological best practices, for individuals working with refugees from Syria and surrounding countries in the Middle East. The tips were developed as a collaborative initiative by cross cultural and international psychologists and a few public health workers around the world, and were developed to translate available knowledge to concrete and useful communication and action strategies. The tip sheets include accessible, applicable, succinct, and culturally relevant advice that are meant to be distributed as shared. The goal is to promote positive cross cultural experiences and assist in the transition of, and work with refugees from this region.

These tips draw on culturally appropriate psychological knowledge and available best practices for these areas:

  1. General Information
  2. Culture
  3. Family and Children
  4. Education
  5. Gender
  6. Building Relationships and Trust
  7. Migration and Resettlement
  8. Mental Health (focused on health and mental health professionals)
Download Tip Sheets


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Clinic Psychology is happy to announce a workshop on ‘Working with Middle Eastern and Muslim Youth‘. Our aim is to build cross-cultural understanding and competency, to improve relations and create effective change in society. This is the first of our series of workshops, and we are hoping to bring many more to the public.

ME youth workshop poster-page-001

This workshop is ideal for psychologists, psychiatrists, school psychologists, counselors, therapists, teachers, social workers, physicians and others who work in supportive roles. It will look into detail on the cultural aspects that shape Middle Eastern and Muslim youth, and how this impacts their mental health. This workshop will provide insight and practical skills in cross-cultural therapy and interpersonal relationships. There will be a talk, followed by a Q &A, and an intimate discussion. Please register early, as there are only 15 spots available.

By the end of this workshop participants will understand:

  • The role of culture and acculturation on mental health
  • Cultural beliefs and values of Middle Eastern and Muslim people
  • Best practices, and implications for therapy

If you are interested in registering for this workshop, please e-mail us at:

Registration fees are $45.00

There are only 15 spots available – we have limited this workshop to a small group to maximize interaction and have meaningful and enriched discussions.

ME youth workshop poster

Hope to see you there!